“This note is long overdue, but never too late. Billy and I continue to be so appreciative of the care and concern each of you demonstrated for Lucy through her very last day.

On many levels your practice shows superior professional quality, as well as a sincere empathy and enthusiasm for your patients and their families.

Professionally speaking, you run a very tight ship. The office is always immaculate, presents a cheerful and warm environment, and the wait is never long. The staff is well versed in the necessary information, and when there is a question that someone can’t answer, they’ve always been quick to find out what I need to know and get back to me. Most importantly, and critical to a successful veterinary visit, is the manner in which the front desk staff greets the pet and pet owner when they walk in. I’ve never come into your office without receiving an unsolicited friendly hello and smile. I love the way Lucy was always spoken to by name, along with the enthusiasm shown to me as her owner. I always sensed a sincere concern for how she was doing, especially once her cancer was diagnosed. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Dr. Cooke, on a more subjective note, and perhaps even more significant to me, is your unique knowledge and understanding of dogs, and the holistic viewpoint you use in treating them. I was astounded at Lucy’s (and my) first experience with acupuncture when she demonstrated the “gagging” last year. As well, the arthritis in her hips was very well managed with the supplements and pain meds, and improved her quality of life immensely. She was a different dog following your advice on both counts.

You were remarkable in your diagnosis of oral cancer when Billy and I brought her in due to what I thought was a minor gum infection in October. I will always remember the well balanced approach you took to explain the realities and options, while at the same time addressing the emotional side of what to expect in the months to come. Your empathy and understanding of the dog’s soul and the emotional bond to our animals is unique. It’s something not many vets can offer their clients. As I told you on May 25th, you have a gift that I’m confident was God-given, and Billy and I are fortunate to have been the recipient.

…We will never replace her, but are ready to take the plunge and open our hearts to another soulful member of the family. This weekend we will be adopting an 8 week old black lab female puppy from Maryland…So it seems we will be seeing more of the Cooke Veterinary Medical Practice in the weeks, months, and years to come!

Again, my sincerest appreciation and gratitude,”
Carol Hennessey

“We have wondered how to possibly express to you the gratitude and admiration we
have for your entire veterinary team. From the first time we brought Snoopy into your
practice you treated us as a family and welcomed us with open arms. You were truly an
inspiration and always looked out for his well being. Whenever we felt Snoopy needed
care, you always made time for him, which we were so grateful for.”

“Dr. Cooke….We sincerely appreciate and admire your abilities on both a professional
and personal level.”
Gene and Patty Roberts

“I am so happy I have found such a great vet center for my babies. I appreciate all the
kindness. You all are the best!”
Rebecca Pilch

“Once again, I have to tell you how professional your staff was in dealing with me and
how much I appreciated their thoughtfulness. Thank you all for all that you do.”
Janice Dewes