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Veterinary Services

A Different Kind of Veterinary Practice

Dr. Denette Cooke opened The Cooke Veterinary Medical Center in 2002 and designed the facility to be patient and client friendly. While no medicine or treatment is 100%, our approach to a multi-modal approach of medical treatments certainly does work better than any individual approach on its own- from the newest Western advancement of a surgical technique or a new medication to ancient evidence-based medicine such as acupuncture, food therapies, chiropractic manipulation, massage, and herbals. Simply put, we provide the treatment options that are best for the patient and the client.

The Place for Healing in Hampton Roads

Primary Care Services

Compassionate continued care for a long, healthy life. Our goal is to empower you to anticipate potential health issues and minimize the need for extensive treatments. Through our comprehensive check-ups, expert advice, and proactive health and wellness programs, we strive to alleviate the challenges and uncertainties of pet ownership.

Urgent Treatment

We are standing by to care for your pet if the unexpected occurs. Please give us a call and provide some details on your pet’s condition so we can prepare to offer assistance as soon as you arrive. Out veterinarians are equipped to provide excellent care to your pet, and support and advice to you.

Eastern Medicine

Offering acupuncture, herbology, food therapy, and other Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Our goal is to treat the pet as a whole, addressing the root causes of the symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves. Our treatments are designed to clear blocks, re-balance, and build energy.

Diagnostics and Testing

Our diagnostic lab equipment allows us to evaluate complete blood counts and biochemical profiles within 20 minutes of the blood draw. When your pet is sick, time counts! We can also perform a urinalysis, intestinal parasite exams, fecal cytologies, and fungal cultures in our lab.

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For new patients, give us a call at 757-547-9421 or submit a form and we will be in touch. If you are already a patient, fill out this form to schedule an appointment.

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