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The Cooke Vet Difference

What Makes Us Different

Dr. Denette Cooke opened The Cooke Veterinary Medical Center in 2002 and designed the facility to be patient and client centric. The mission being to minimize the stress of our patients while also providing a concierge level of customer and medical service. We strive to consistently create an exceptional environment of healing and ensure both patients and their owners have the best possible experience at our medical center. We don’t overschedule so we can offer each patient our undivided attention to solve the medical problems presented in a state of the art, relaxed, friendly and caring environment.

Checking In and Out

Typically, we assign clients a spacious exam room immediately upon their scheduled arrival to help limit the usual waiting room struggle with multiple pet owners and multiple pets. Our goal is to create a safe and relaxed environment for all pets, clients, and staff. When your visit is done, we will process your payment in the exam room so that you can leave directly from there and not have to navigate the checkout process at the front desk.

Exam Times

”Get ‘em in and get ‘em out” is not our style. The Cooke Veterinary Medical Center schedules longer exam times to allow time to thoroughly examine patients, answer client questions, and discuss treatment options that are best for both the pet and the client. Medical visits should not be “quick fixes”, We don’t just treat the symptoms without identifying and addressing the source and root causation of the problem. Our focus is on true preventative medicine that includes a whole pet mind, body, and spirit approach.

Western and Eastern Medicine

Often the best approach to healing is a mixture of both Western and Eastern medicine and modalities. In many situations, using a combination of drugs, surgery, Chinese herbals, dietary changes, and acupuncture/chiropractic manipulation will often produce better results than limiting your options to just one or the other. Dr. Cooke is certified in veterinary acupuncture from the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine, an affiliate of University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, and has successfully integrated Eastern medicine modalities into the treatment options available at our center. Your pet will receive the very best of BOTH worlds here.

Great Staff and Facility

A large part of our success can be directly attributed to the level of care and time that our staff offers to both pets and pet owners. We are proud to have a tenured core staff of well trained, highly skilled, compassionate people, who have deep rooted passions for caring for and helping animals.

The Cooke Veterinary Medical Center’s hospital was designed with pet and pet owner comfort in mind. Most of our spacious exam rooms have great natural light with large windows, large dog kennels with front glass doors and a private hospitalization “visitation suite” for our clients to sit and relax with their sick or injured pet.

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